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Major Issues

In addition to public employment service policy directions, the Commission adopted the following priorities for 2006–2008:

  • Promote worker qualification by boosting cooperation between educational and labour market organizations, notably in order to bring labour market in line with training opportunities
  • Promote worker qualification via Sectoral workforce committee action and the ongoing development of the Workforce skills development and recognition framework

    In order to meet the challenge of lifelong learning and given its long-standing flexible approach to workforce training that considers diversity of learning methods, processes and settings, the Commission promote the Workforce skills development and recognition framework since 2001. Developed by and for the labour market, the Framework introduces a flexible formula that complements the efforts of the institutional sector and adapts competency development and recognition to the realities of individual economic sectors. It promotes on-the-job training that is structured, qualifying and transferable and leads to certification by the province. In order to meet the Framework's objectives, the strategies used vary depending on the individual characteristics of each economic sector.

    To date, the main method used by businesses and workers has been the Workplace Apprenticeship Program, or PAMT. This strategy allows workers to demonstrate their competency in accordance with professional standards defined and recognized by the leading businesses in their economic sector. They can also benefit, as needed, from training by experienced workers in order to acquire the skills they lack and obtain certification once they have mastered them as per the professional standards. The standards and professional qualification certificates awarded to workers are entered in the register of competencies.
  • Promote relations with the federal government
  • The implementation of the Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition.
  • Contribute to strategies and policies that affect the labour market: government policies on adult and continuing education, government employment plan, integration of immigrants into the job market, strategy targeting workers 45 and over and sustainable development policies

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