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Regional Councils

There are 17 regional labour market partners councils (CRPMTs). Their membership resembles the Commission’s, e.g., they bring together representatives from business, labour, educational institutions, the community sector, and government. Voting members are appointed by the Minister of Employment and Social Solidarity. The chair is chosen by and from the council membership.

Their main tasks are threefold: identifying, along with the regional directorate of Emploi-Québec, the job market problems that are particular to their region and adapting services to serve both individuals and businesses; helping to develop a regional action plan; and suggesting target results and breakdown criteria for personnel and budgets. Each year, the regional councils submit a regional action plan to the Commission for approval. They may also take various initiatives.

The regional councils cooperate with the Commission and the CSMOs, primarily with regard to implementation of the Workforce skills delopment and recognition framework within regional businesses.

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Last update: 2019-12-11

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